Blok Transport b.v.

Blok Transport is a middle high transport company located in Hellevoetsluis, nearby Rotterdam. We are specialised in bluk transport.

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Cleaning and garage

Driving with clean transporting materials is important for more than one reason.

Having shiny looking trucks and trailers is one thing but much of our material has to be technically clean too. Blok Transport has its own modern cleaning facility to perform these important task.

In our car wash trucks, trailers and bulktrailers are thoroughly cleansed, being able to start their next job in a spic-and-span way.

Reliable, modern transport equipment is a must. To be sure that we are operating with the best equipment available, maintenance is performed by our own mechanics in our own modern, well equipped garage.

This way of working substantially reduces unexpected technical problems and ensures that your important goods are delivered at the right place at the right time.

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As no other we understand the importance of value added services; on our large facility (over 1 hectare) we deployed various special services for our customers.

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