Blok Transport b.v.

Blok Transport is a middle high transport company located in Hellevoetsluis, nearby Rotterdam. We are specialised in bluk transport.

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Company profile

Transportgroep Blok B.V. ('Blok Transport') is a family business, founded in 1926. Nearly 85 years of the utmost dedication, flexibility and a personal approach to our clients. Blok Transport has enjoyed a relationship with many loyal clients for some 45 years, but has also a continually growing group of new clients. New clients who have found the way to Blok Transport.

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The way to Blok Transport is synonymous for the way to experience. In the past years we have specialized in modern bulk transport, distribution/road transport and refrigerated transport. It is this specialization which differentiates Blok Transport from other transport companies.

We work with self-trained drivers. Disciplined, trust-worthy drivers who feel at home with our way of working and understand what we mean by flexibility and personal approach.

Our collection of modern transport equipment includes thirty trucks, twenty eight bulk trailers. Five refrigerated trailers and twenty trailers/taut liners making every task problem free.

All the aforementioned points ensure that your important cargo reaches it's destination safely, securely and at the agreed time.

That's why Blok Transport is well on the way!

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As no other we understand the importance of value added services; on our large facility (over 1 hectare) we deployed various special services for our customers.

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