Blok Transport b.v.

Blok Transport is a middle high transport company located in Hellevoetsluis, nearby Rotterdam. We are specialised in bluk transport.

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Refrigerated transport

Think here of globally know Dutch products such as trees, shrubs, flower bulbs and cut flowers.
Of these, the transport of cut flowers needs to meet especially high standards and this requires a special approach. Key words such as speed, safety and flexibility are utmost importance.

Here too, Blok Transport recognizes the importance of well-trained drivers, but knows full well that this is not enough.

In this line of transport, when working with perishables, planning is crucial. Blok Transport works with very experienced planners who devote themselves to get your cargo to it's destination on time and undamaged; by which we mean in the same condition as in which it was loaded.

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As no other we understand the importance of value added services; on our large facility (over 1 hectare) we deployed various special services for our customers.

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